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Chicago Isn't Working for Everyone

Finding the right school for your child is stressful, and your options aren’t always great.

You’re afraid to go outside at night.

You’re struggling to make rent and pay your bills. You're unsure if you can afford to live in Chicago long-term.

You don’t love your job, and you’re concerned Chicago may not have enough options to find something better.

You’re tired of the city nickel and diming you. Excessive taxes and fees feel unjustified, invasive, and downright predatory.

You know people who’ve moved away. They had to sacrifice too much. They left to find a better school for their kids. They left to feel safer outside at night. They left to have a better home for their family. They left for better job opportunities. You’ve even thought of moving away yourself.

Chicago politicians don't work for all of us

Trickle-down Chicago economics isn’t working for anyone but the elite. Our city is bigger than the loop, but our multi-billion dollar budget (your tax dollars) is mostly spent downtown.

We have one of the most politically corrupt governments in the country.

We’re wasting your tax money on unfair private contracts, pay to play politicking, and unnecessary fees.

These problems won’t get solved by current leadership. You know how the “Chicago machine” works. Today, your vote has little influence against donations from big donors and special interests. We need new ideas and new leadership to move Chicago forward, people who don’t owe any favors to wealthy donors. We’re done with accepting the status quo.

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