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Good Government by Design

Eliminate unlimited donations from special interests

Chicago is one of the few major cities that does not limit campaign contributions. Candidates can take as much money as wealthy donors are willing to pay. Without Campaign finance reform, major donors and corporations have a greater say in city hall's decisions than voters do. The bottom line: Elections shouldn’t be bought.

Give you a receipt when you pay your taxes

We’re paying more and more in taxes without seeing real results through better schools or safer streets. Today, it's impossible to understand where or for what our money is being spent. As mayor, I’ll make it clear how the city is spending your tax money to make it easier for you to speak up about where you want your tax dollars to go. A more transparent budget will also help us rid Chicago of backdoor deals and earn back your trust. I’ve already started to help everyone understand where the city’s money is going right now, check out our budget visualization here. The bottom line: All funds from taxed sources should be traceable and you should have a receipt to show for it.

Include youth voices in decision making

I’ve built businesses and run non-profits. I teach high school, college and MBA students. I mentor aspiring entrepreneurs, and I serve on boards across a myriad of industries. I‘m certain that our best ideas and energy come from our youth. As mayor, I will institute a mayor’s Youth Council to advise and inform policy. We need leadership that takes young people seriously. Their ideas, hopes, aspirations, and fears. Chicago’s youth are uniquely qualified to help save our schools, create more job opportunities, and improve access to city resources. Chicago belongs to the young people who will inherit it, not to us. They’re our future and the key to our greatest successes.

End Chicago's political dynasties

It’s time for term limits. Yes, even for the mayor. Turnover in the mayor’s office allows new leadership to bring fresh ideas to the table. Every major city has them, except Chicago. Instead we’ve had over 40 years of mayors named Daley. Chicago’s next mayor should be elected on the quality of their positions, not their incumbent status or name recognition.

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