It's May of 2027. Our final term is up.

Here's some of what we've achieved together in 8 years:

  1. More and more families are choosing to send their kids to schools in their own neighborhoods, which are starting to thrive. You're no longer forced to make the agonizing decision to send your kids across the city, or to move away altogether.
  2. Communities and police are working together to reach out and prevent crime before it happens. We're no longer trying to arrest our way out of the problem, and our primary focus has shifted to solving the underlying economic, mental health, and educational failures that lead to the epidemic in the first place.
  3. Living in Chicago is finally starting to pay dividends. Through radical transparency, a digitally native approach to efficiency, honest accounting, and re-prioritizing spending, we've managed to get our budget under control. Businesses, ratings agencies, and employers haven taken note and employment opportunities and services are improving in all parts of the city.

Back here in 2018,

Chicagoans feel more disconnected than ever.

We don't trust that our representatives are acting in our best interest. We worry that our kids will be shortchanged if we stay. We don't know how our taxes are being spent. We are trapped in a cycle of disengagement, disenchantment, and disinvestment.

To get from here to where we want to go, we need Chicagoans to _participate_ again. We need parents to trust schools again, communities to trust police again, and taxpayers to trust government again. The solutions all involve coming back to the table and working together, which requires rebuilding trust that's been eroded over decades.

How do we do it? It's got to start with re-establishing faith in leadership:

We know you have a lot more questions

There's a long way between here and where we want to be as a city, and a lot to figure out about how to get there. And we know there's a lot more you want to know about us and our campaign.

We will build the most participatory government Chicago has ever had. That begins now, with this campaign. Ask us anything:

We're making a tool that lets you search through the questions asked by organizations like the Chicago Tribune when they're deciding who to endorse:

Visit to browse and compare your representatives' responses.

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We'll work hard to get back to you with an answer to your question and our process for arriving at it.

We're starting by getting to the bottom of the budget

The answers to many policy questions, at some point, involve digging into the budget. So we're putting together an interactive model of city finances.

Our full breakdown of the budget in an interactive tool is on its way. Here's a high-level visualization of how the city is budgeting your money for 2018.

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