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Our Vision for a Chicago You're Proud to Live In

You have the choice to send your kids to a thriving neighborhood school.

You’re no longer debating whether to move away to the suburbs or send your kids across the city so they can get a great education.

Your local community has greater trust in its police officers. You’re working with them to prevent crime before it happens on your block and in your neighborhood.

We’re reversing the underlying economic, mental health, and educational failures that led to Chicago’s crime epidemic.

Living in Chicago is finally paying dividends. Your tax dollars are no longer wasted on expenses that aren’t benefiting you.

Your government is radically transparent. We’ve implemented technology to make Chicago more efficient and honest with your money. We’ve re-prioritized spending; our city budget is under control and on a path to solvency.

Businesses, ratings agencies, and employers have taken note of Chicago’s progress. Job opportunities are improving across the entire city.

Chicago’s public servants are both more diverse and more accountable to you.

We’ve eliminated unlimited campaign contributions for our elections. We’ve instituted mayoral term limits to end political dynasties. We’ve made the decisions of your government more transparent and accessible. City Hall and City Council finally have real representative leadership across our wards.

Our loved ones want to move back to Chicago to raise their families and grow their careers.

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